Kenosha Pass History

Thursday September 17th

6:42 PM - Open

6:10 PM - Closed

Description: use caution, slower speeds, watch for emergency crews

Tuesday September 8th

6:44 PM - Open

5:40 PM - Closed

Description: Semi blocking lanes of traffic. Expect delays.

Wednesday August 5th

9:13 PM - Open

7:52 PM - Closed

Description: All lanes in both directions will be closed for an extended period of time for a vehicle recovery at MM 202. Seek alternate route and expect long delays.

Friday July 31st

5:48 AM - Open

Thursday July 30th

11:42 PM - Closed

Description: US-285 Closed Due to crash, no estimated time to reopen.

Friday June 19th

6:46 PM - Open

5:54 PM - Closed

Description: use caution, slower speeds advised

Tuesday June 16th

11:20 AM - Open

9:42 AM - Closed

Description: Vehicle recovery in area, watch for crews. Expect delays.

Monday June 15th

3:38 PM - Open

10:08 AM - Closed

Description: Multiple vehicle crash blocking the north bound lane, watch for crews and expect delays.

Sunday May 24th

10:14 PM - Open

12:38 PM - Closed

Description: North bound lane is blocked for a vehicle recovery, traffic is alternating, expect delays.

Monday April 6th

2:11 PM - Open

1:08 PM - Closed

Description: CO 9 is closed in both directions f due to a crash

Monday March 30th

11:33 AM - Open

9:52 AM - Closed

Description: Semi blocking lane, use caution. Watch for slowing and stopped vehicles.

Saturday March 28th

10:27 PM - Open

9:41 AM - Closed

Description: Caution high winds, high profile and light vehicles use caution, and slower speeds advised.

Friday March 27th

2:30 AM - Open

Thursday March 26th

5:23 PM - Closed

Description: High wind caution for high profile and light vehicles.

5:21 PM - Open

3:43 PM - Closed

Description: High wind caution for high profile and light vehicles.

3:41 PM - Open

11:27 AM - Closed

Description: High wind caution for high profile and light vehicles.

Friday February 28th

3:33 AM - Open

Wednesday February 26th

10:53 AM - Closed

Description: Full closure February 26, 2020 will begin at 830 PM until 5 AM February 27th, for snow removal operations. Use alternate route.

Monday February 24th

8:51 PM - Open

11:07 AM - Closed

Description: US 285 is closed due to adverse weather.

Wednesday February 19th

8:38 PM - Open

6:46 PM - Closed

Description: Road Closed for vehicle recovery

Sunday February 9th

7:11 PM - Open

6:50 PM - Closed

Description: Vehicle recovery in progress. Expect delays

Saturday February 8th

8:01 PM - Open

6:54 PM - Closed

Description: road closed for vehicle recovery, use alternate route

Friday February 7th

10:10 PM - Open

5:26 PM - Closed

Description: Full closure of all lanes. Severe winter conditions. Unknown when to reopen.

Monday January 6th

12:47 PM - Open

8:59 AM - Closed

Description: All lanes closed due to poor driving conditions and multiple vehicle crashes

Sunday December 1st

6:53 PM - Open

2:14 PM - Closed

Description: Adverse Conditions
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